Ways to Make Money ( Earn Extra Cash ) with a Home Based Business

In today's economically frustrated environment it is becoming more and more difficult to find a stable job with a reliable company. Let's face it the days of having a job for 30 to 40 years are just about long gone.  The combination of increasing unemployment rates, decreasing home values, inflation, out of control energy consumption and debt are just a few ingredients that have severely altered the lives of too many families.  Despite putting forward aggressive job search efforts many people are finding it extremely difficult to find a job due to down sizing or global outsourcing. People that currently have jobs still feel the impact as well, some employees have had their salaries reduced. Others may have had their hours decreased to less than 40 hours a week and some just do not feel the sense of job security. Now more than ever, today’s families need to find multiple ways to make money to provide economic stability.  Below we have listed several ways that you can earn extra money with your very own home business.   The information below is 100% free and will show you different methods on how to make easy money with a home based business.

Online Auctions:

This is an old idea, and probably is the easiest method to make money online but it still works. Selling products on auction sites such as Ebay, Amazon Auctions & Craig’s List can put some extra cash in your pocket. The majority of sellers on the above auction sites are considered to be average sellers. There is a small percentage of professional sellers that use Ebay, Amazon Auctions & Craig's List to sell their products and services as well as advertise their own online stores.

Professional seller- Constantly sells products or services on Ebay, Amazon Auctions or Craig’s List and usually has an online store.  You may notice that these sellers may have sold hundreds or thousands of items over a period of time.  The professional seller uses Ebay, Amazon Auctions or Craig’s List as a constant source of income.

Average seller – May have sold several items over a period of time but does not rely on sales as a constant source of income.

Most auction sites are free for buyers but charge a small fee to sellers that wish to list their products for auction. Before listing your products for sale perform a little research to make sure that your product is fairly priced. If you find that your product is listed at a much higher price than your competition then you may need to adjust the price. If the sale price of your product is less than it cost you to obtain or create your product and ship it, then you will be at a loss. To avoid losses make sure that the total cost to obtain, sell and ship your product is less than the sale price of your product.

Most auction sites have some type of rating system, buyers may use this rating system to determine if the seller is considered to be trustworthy and reliable. Make sure that you keep a high rating by providing excellent products and timely shipping. The combination of quality products, sales and high ratings will ultimately increased your volume of sales.

You may decide to list products on all three auction sites or you may just list products on one auction site.

Auction Sites (Average Seller) (Professional Seller)



Selling Services and Products Online (Ecommerce)

Selling services or products over the internet has greatly increased throughout the past decade. Selling your   products or services online can greatly increase the amount of potential sales and provide a global footprint for your business.  The internet allows a small business to compete with larger businesses through the use of advertising and online stores. Having an online store website gives you many advantages that a traditional local store cannot provide. The ability to sell a product or service to anyone anywhere in the world that has internet access has proven to change the way companies perform business today. Your website not only functions as an online store but it also provides critical information about your products or services. Long gone are the days of the phone book, most people use search engines such as Google, yahoo or MSN to find information that they may be seeking. Your website should be indexed in these search engines so that potential customers can find your website and obtain information or purchase products or services from your website

Starting your own home based online business requires internet access, at least one product or service that you will offer, a website and advertising. Most people already have internet access but if you do not obtaining internet access is easy, just call your local cable or dsl provider to have them install service. Finding a product or service to offer on your website can be very difficult. Make sure that you offer a product or service that you know you can provide. Make sure you select no less then three products or services.

Now that you have selected at least three products or services it is time to perform some research. Your goal is to research your targeted market. Your targeted market are the customers that you are trying to sell your product or service to. Some targeted market information may include geographic location, this may be important depending on the service or product that you offer. Let's say the service you are selling is a landscaping service, if your service is local to the New York area then targeting potential customers in California will not be beneficial to your business. Use all the targeted market information to help increase sales and reduce potential loss. You can use data marketing firms to obtain this data or try to perform some research on Google. Below we have listed several ideas for a home based business.


Arts & Crafts – If you can create your own arts and crafts products such as wedding invitations, jewelry, paintings, flower arrangements, dolls and such at a low cost then selling them on your own website is a great option. Arts and crafts has proven to always have it's place online. Obtaining specialty items that are hand made and difficult to find in stores will provide you with a big advantage. When selecting a product to offer keep in mind that you will have to ship your products to your customers so the size and weight of your product as well as the shipping destination will need to be considered.

Services – If you possess a skill that is in high demand then you can sell that service online. Some services may be restricted to local customers while other services may be global. Some services can be performed from your home or office while other services may require you to visit your customer. Some ideas for services are photography, programming, computer networking, landscaping, accounting, writer, carpenter, legal assistance, exterminator, personal assistant and more. Please make sure that you are qualified to perform the service that you offer and your website. Also make sure that you have all the certification, licence, permits and all other requirements that the state or federal government may require.


Earn Extra Cash Advertising

If you have a website that receives a lot of traffic then you can sell advertisement space to companies such as Google, Yahoo, Adbrite, Amazon and more. These companies charge their customers a fee to find targeted customers and direct them to their clients website. You can get paid by the amount of impressions or the Cost Per Click CPC. Every time an add is shown on your website that is considered to be an impression. Every time an impression is clicked on by one of your visitors that is considered to be a click.

Building Your Website

After you have done your research and you have selected the product and service that is right for you it is time to build your website. You have two options when selecting the best website site for your business. You can go with a website template and website builder to get your business going or you can go with a custom website. The advantage of using a website template with a website builder is the cost. It is cheaper to use a Do-It-Yourself website builder then to have a web designer build your website. The advantage of having a custom website is the look, features and custom feel your site will provide to you and your customers. It is more expensive but it may pay off in the long run. For great website ideas visit


Advertising Your Website

Once you have your website up and running you will need to generate traffic to your website. There are many ways to get traffic to your website but make sure that you get targeted traffic. Targeted traffic are visitors that are highly interested in a product or service that you may offer. These visitors are more likely to purchase a product or service from your website. You can have Search Engine Optimization (SEO) performed for your website or you can use companies like Yahoo or Google to advertise your site via CPC or impressions. Make sure you always have funds reserved for advertising this is key to the success of your business.


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